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John holds several college degrees including a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Mt. Mercy University.   He provides a well-rounded application of therapeutic interventions to promote healing and positive change.  Working with individuals, couples and families, John helps to manage life's difficult challenges and bring about peace of mind.

John’s work at a Psychiatric Medical Institution for Children helped him develop an expertise in working with children and teens.  He interned at the Mid Eastern Council on Chemical Abuse as well as its sister company Synchrony Services.   John has spent approximately the last three years working at a larger practice and has now founded Corridor Counseling in his quest to provide his ideal model of treatment.   His caseload has varied widely giving him a broad range of experience and exposure.    John is a successful and hardworking therapist that finds his work extremely rewarding through its positive impact upon the lives of his client's.

With a remarkable sense of compassion, insight and understanding, John has dedicated his life's work to the service of others.   While John's therapeutic style is evidenced and theoretically based much of his work has been inspired and enhanced by his life experience.   John is a proud father and family man.  He has an irreplaceable knowledge of humanity, in part, provided through his extensive travels.   He has served our nation in the Armed Force’s 82nd Airborne Division and with the U.S.  Army Reserve.   His knowledge as a former combat medic along with his faith and education combine seamlessly giving John a unique perspective that helps him to incorporate and collaborate in providing a comprehensive approach to healing.  

To schedule an appointment, please call: 319-270-0019.